Affordable Maryland Polygraph Tests and EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests

Maryland Polygraph tests, also called Maryland Lie Detector tests, are a science-based, investigative tool used to help asses if a person is being truthful.  Most people think of them as they relate to law enforcement, however, many Maryland Polygraph tests are often recommended by therapists as a tool to help couples and families overcome trust issues due to infidelity, drugs, theft or prior dishonest acts.  When trust has been broken, a Maryland lie detector test can help reveal the truth so that people can move forward in a positive way. Often times, it provides a much needed closure.

We specialize in private, personal cases with a strong focus on infidelity (cheating spouses) and other types of sexual or non-sexual addictive behavior such as gambling, drugs, lying or theft.  We maintain your privacy and dignity throughout the entire Maryland polygraph exam. Unlike the vast majority of Maryland polygraph examiners that are prior police officers or federal government,  we do not have a legal obligation to report any questionable activity ensuring your private matters stay private.

In addition to offering traditional Maryland Polygraph exams we also offer EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests in Maryland. EyeDetect tests are the newest, most advanced, scientifically validated deception test available today for screen applicants and validating statements. EyeDetect is a top choice for applicant screenings, pre-employment, and CSAT Full Disclosure Validity Testing.

Maryland polygraph tests and EyeDetect Lie Detector tests are a great tool that couples, families, attorneys and police can use to help them determine the truth. Learn more about how a polygraph or EyeDetect lie detector test can help you.


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Types of Maryland Polygraph and EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests We Conduct:

  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Family / Couple’s Therapeutic Exams
  • CSAT /ASAT / CMAT / PSAP Sex Addiction Exams
  • Full Disclosure Statement Validity Testing
  • Virtual / Online / Cyber Sex & Relationships
  • Addiction
  • Sexual Assault / Rape
  • Molestation / Pedophilia
  • Victim Testing
  • Illegal Sex Acts (Prostitution, Human Trafficking, etc..)
  • Applicant Screening / Pre-Employment
  • Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Testing (LEPET)


What is an EyeDetect Maryland Lie Detector Test?

EyeDetect® is a next-generation Maryland lie detector test It measures subtle changes in the eye to detect deception.  EyeDetect is used to screen job applicants and to conduct diagnostic (single issue) testing for criminal or civil cases by government agencies, law enforcement, lawyers, therapists and private examiners in more than 23 countries. For the first time ever, this advanced technology is now being offered in Maryland.

EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests in MD

Maryland EyeDetect Lie Detector Test



Which Test is Right for You?

Maryland Polygraph Exams have up to a 93% accuracy rate and take anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours depending upon the type of exam conducted. Maryland Polygraph Exams include detailed interviews and/or interrogations making them the ideal choice when you want to fully explore the issue, uncover additional information and possibly gain a confession.

EyeDetect Maryland Lie Detector Tests have up to a 90% accuracy and take less than 60 minutes for a single issue lie detector test. EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests are the ideal choice for quick, affordable applicant screenings,  validating statements or getting a clear answer about ONE very specific, known or suspected issue. EyeDetect exams do not include detailed interviews or interrogations and do not gather additional information about an issue so they are not suitable for exploring unknown issues, timelines or gaining additional information.

When you use BOTH EyeDetect AND a polygraph TOGETHER, you have up to a 96.6% outcome confidence rate giving you the best results possible  with the most information and highest disclosure rate. Using a combination of both exams is the ideal choice when you absolutely must have the highest accuracy rate possible while uncovering the most information and having the highest odds of obtaining a confession. When it matters most, you need both exams.


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