Get the FAQ! Below are answers to many of the most common questions about our Maryland Polygraphs and EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests in Maryland.


Do Maryland Lie Detector tests really work?

Yes, Maryland lie dector tests do work. Polygraph's are so effective that the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DHS, ICE, Military and Police all currently use polygraphs during the hiring/screening process as well as during investigations.  According to the American Polygraph Association (APA) validated polygraph techniques test with an accuracy of 90% with some studies showing 93% - 95% accuracy on select exams.   Validate, LLC only uses validated polygraph techniques to ensure the highest level of accuracy with all of our tests.

EyeDetect Lie Detector Tests offer a consistent 90% accuracy rate for single issue exams and 86% accuracy rate for applicant screening. When you use both the EyeDetect and Polygraph exams together as a successive hurdles testing process, the outcome confidence rate goes up to 96.6%.

How does a Maryland Lie Detector test help couples dealing with infidelity?

Polygraphs and EyeDetect can help in various ways. For couples dealing with infidelity, it can help aid in re-establishing trust after an indiscretion by showing the person remains faithful or it can solidify that trust has been repeatedly broken and is non-rebuildable.  Maryland polygraphs and EyeDetect Lie Detector tests help wrongly-accused cheaters to clear their name and give a new foundation to build upon moving forward. When you use both the Polygraph and EyeDetect together, you gain the highest accuracy rate available eliminating any doubt about what the truth is moving forward.

Maryland Lie Detector tests

How do you know what questions to ask?

After you have scheduled and paid for your exam, you will need to complete the following four (4) forms.  These forms give you the opportunity to tell us your side of the story, what questions and concerns you have. Based off the forms and the interview with the Subject on the day of the exam, the polygraph examiner will formulate anywhere from 1 - 4 relevant questions to be asked on the polygraph exam and/or only 1 question to be asked on the EyeDetect. All four (4) forms below are required and must be submitted no less than 48 business hours prior to the examination date.


Two (2) of the forms are ONLY to be completed by the Subject taking the exam.  Nobody else but the Subject may complete these forms. Click the name of the form to be taken to the online form and once complete submit online. These forms will take the Subject about 20-40 minutes to complete. It is highly recommended you do not complete these forms on a phone but use a laptop or a computer.


One (1) of the forms is ONLY to be completed by the reporting party. The reporting party is the spouse, significant other, victim or accuser  who is making the allegation.

These forms are only to be completed after you have scheduled and paid for your exam. These forms give are your opportunity to share your side of the story, concerns and even evidence. Based off the information collected in the forms and the interview with the Subject on the examination day, the polygraph examiner will formulate anywhere from 1 - 4 questions depending upon the exam type.

All forms are HIPAA compliant to protect your information and privacy. All forms are required and are due no less than 48 business hours prior to the examination date and time. Failure to provide any of the above forms may result in rescheduling of the appointment or cancelation of services without refund.


What kind of experience, training and qualifications does the Maryland Polygraph Examiner have?

Investigator Nash is an experienced, professional and very well trained Maryland polygraph examiner, interviewer, interrogator and over-all deception detection specialists. Nash is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where she worked in military intelligence. She was a prior Special Investigator (contractor) for NBIB/OPM specializing in counterintelligence, insider threats and background investigations. Nash currently works full-time as a contractor for the DoD making her availability to the public very limited. Nash graduated from an American Polygraph Association (APA) approved polygraph school and continues her polygraph training every two years. In addition to her polygraph training, Nash undergoes advanced written analysis, verbal and non-verbal deception detection, interviewing, interrogations, elicitation and OSINT. Nash is currently the only private examiner in Maryland to offer EyeDetect. Due to the high quality of her exams and advanced capabilities, Nash is one of the top Maryland polygraph examiners of choice by several therapists, counselors and accountability recovery groups with clients traveling from VA, PA, DE, NJ and all over Maryland to test with her.


What type of exams do you specialize in?

Investigator Nash specializes in private, civil exams of a relationship or sexual nature to include:

  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Marriage / Couple's Therapeutic Exams
  • Virtual / Online / Cyber Sex & Relationships
  • Sex Addiction including Acting Out, Porn & Fetish
  • Full Disclosure Statement Validations
  • CSAT / ASAT Recommended Exams
  • Rape / Sexual Assault
  • Molestation / Pedophilia
  • Victim Testing
  • Post-Conviction Sex Offender
  • Illegal Sex Acts (Prostitution, Human Trafficking, etc..)
  • Criminal Testing up to & including Murder
  • Applicant Screening & Pre-Employment


Maryland lie detector tests

Does being nervous affect a Maryland Polygraph or EyeDetect Lie Detector test?

No. Being nervous about taking  Maryland Lie Detector tests is very  normal. Thankfully, being nervous will not negatively impact your Maryland lie detector test results. Simply follow the instructions of your examiner and answer each question honestly and you'll do just fine.

Are polygraph tests admissible in court?

Sometimes. Polygraph tests are often admissible in civil courts, especially in divorce proceedings when proving adultery or abuse.  Polygraph tests may be admissible in some criminal courts depending upon the state law but usually this requires both the defense and prosecution to agree to the admission of evidence which very rarely occurs. Polygraph test results sometimes play a vital role in immigration cases because in some cases it can be the only way a person can prove they were  "waved-through" across the border by US authorities therefore, making their entry into the US legal.  Each state has their own polygraph laws so be sure to check with your local  laws to see if a polygraph will be admissible in court.

Maryland lie detector tests

What happens if I fail?

When a person fails an exam they will be given the opportunity to explain why they think they failed which will be noted in their report for consideration.

Any Subject that fails any single exam that wishes to be retested will be required to take both a Polygraph exam and an EyeDetect exam for an additional fee. During the retest, the Subject must successfully pass both the Polygraph and EyeDetect exams before we will present a new finding of no deception indicated (NDI).

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