Maryland Polygraph for Private Individuals or Couples

We specialize in private, civil Maryland Polygraphs (Lie Detector Tests) and test the following issues: Infidelity, Cheating, Sexual Assault, Molestation, Lying, Theft, Drugs, Criminal, Investigative, Therapy Treatment, Counseling, Therapeutic Exams and Pre-Employment.

Maryland Polygraph Services include:

  • Forensic Interview to Discuss the Issue
  • Collection of Signed Written Statement Outlining the Issue, Admissions and Denials (When Applicable)
  • Polygraph Exam (Lie Detector Test)
  • Immediate, Same-Day Results
  • Polygraph Summary Report
  • Copy of the Signed Written Statement (When Applicable)

$375 One Person/One Exam

$700 Two People/One Exam per person


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Maryland Polygraph for Sex Addiction & Therapy Based Exams

Approximately 25% of our Maryland Polygraph exams are conducted on behalf of counselors, therapists or other mental health professionals to help people struggling with sex addiction, drug addiction, betrayal recovery and marital counseling.

  • Optional Pre-Interview with Counselor/Therapist to gather a baseline of the issue (Consent from the Subject is required)
  • Review of Full Disclosure / Sexual History statement (Optional but recommended)
  • Non-accusatory interview and Maryland Polygraph Exam consistent with the current treatment plan
  • Results released to Subject and counselor (Consent required)

$375 - $575 depending upon needs.

Special rates are available to select groups or therapists. Please let us know which counselor refereed you so that we can give you their reduced rate when applicable.

To schedule a Maryland Polygraph for Sex Addiction or any Therapy based exam please call Investigator Nash at (443) 343-2849 or (808) 256-7661 or email:


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