Maryland Polygraph & EyeDetect Lie Detector Prices

Lie detector test

Maryland Polygraph Exam and EyeDetect Lie Detector Test Combination

Up to 96.6% Outcome Confidence

  • HIGHEST ACCURACY RATE AVAILABLE (Up to 96.6% Accuracy rate when you use a polygraph and EyeDetect lie detector test in combination with each other)
  • Takes 3-4 Hours Total
  • Two Completely Different Lie Detector Tests (Pro-Active & Re-Active) to Get the Most Information & Highest Accuracy rate
  • Pre-Exam Interview
  • Post-Exam Interrogation when applicable
  • High Confession Rate by Subjects that failed
  • Same Day EyeDetect Report
  • Same Day Polygraph Results
  • Detailed Polygraph Report within 2 Weeks

$695 One Person, Single Issue Exams

Polygraph Lie Detector Test in Maryland Services | Deception Detection |

Maryland Polygraph Exam

Up to 93% Accuracy Rate Depending Upon Test Conducted

  • Up to 93% Accuracy rate depending upon test type
  • Takes 2-3 Hours Total
  • Pre-Exam Interview to explore and collect¬† new information.
  • Polygraph Exam
  • Post-Exam Interrogation to gather new information and confessions
  • Same Day Results
  • Detailed polygraph report with information gathered including admissions and confessions within two weeks of exam
  • Best testing method for uncovering new information, gathering new facts and gaining confessions

$400 One Person, Single Issue Exam


EyeDetect Lie Detector Test

Consistent 90% Accuracy Rate

  • Takes Less Than 1 Hour Total
  • Non-Invasive & Non-Intrusive
  • Very Limited Pre-Exam Interview
  • Conducted & Scored by Computer eliminating human error & bias
  • You can ask 3 Simple & Direct True or False Questions about 1 Issue
  • Same Day Results
  • Simple Pass/Fail Report

Limitations: You can ask 3 simple, non-complex true or false questions only. All questions must directly relate to the exact same issue. A pass or fail score will be provided to indicate if the Subject was being honest or deceptive. No other information will be provided.

$400 One Person, Single Issue Exam