2 Quick Tips on How to Spot a Lie

Two Quick Tips on How to Spot a Lie


1. How to Spot a Lie in a Story:

  • After listening to the story, have the Subject tell you the story a second time starting from the ending to the beginning (backwards). People often mentally rehearse deceptive stories in their minds in the order they plan to tell it. By listening to the story once all the way to the end you know what they want to convey. However, having them tell the story backwards will mess up a deceptive persons presentation of their rehearsed story. You will then be able to more easily and quickly identify inconsistencies in the story and ingenuine body language because they haven’t rehearsed it backwards.


2. How to Spot a Lie in a Direct Question:

  • If you ask a direct question and you don’t receive a direct answer, then it’s a red flag. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are lying but it does mean they are holding something back. Simply acknowledge whatever they told you and repeat the question again. If they still don’t give you a direct answer, repeat a third time. If on the third time you still don’t have a direct answer, the person is most likely intentionally withholding information aka a “lie by omission”.


Question 1: Did you have sex with Sarah?

Subject Replies: I can’t believe you would ask me that. You know I love you. (Notice, this is not a denial nor a direct answer.)

Question 2: I  know you love me and I love you too.  Now please, answer the question. Did you have sex with Sarah?

Subject Replies: How can you say you love me and then ask me if I had sex with someone else?  (Not a denial nor a direct answer)

Question 3:  I do love you and I’m committed to understanding what happen. Did you have sex with Sarah?

Subject Replies: You don’t love me. If you loved me, you wouldn’t be asking me these things. You’re being so mean. (Not a denial, not a direct answer and now attacking)


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